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  • CONTENT WARNING: this video is not for the faint of heart. – If you STILL think the #coronavirus is to be treated lightly, watch this documentation about the italian hospitals. It is our duty as humans, to save each other.


  • And yes. People in #Ludwigsburg STILL. DONT. CARE.

    “A worrying stituation.” says pharmacist Edith Klünder. “People seem to not take this seriously.”


  • Working in #HomeOffice because of #CoronaVirus? There is a wonderful tool that helps with visual communication that everyone of us is most likely familiar with. 🖌


  • This beautiful and short animation explains social distancing to prevent the #coronavirus from spreading in one of the best ways I’ve come across. ❤️


  • Rabbit Lockdown Diary: Day 2 - The CCO is in quarantine.

    Well this is a disaster. Right after egg-production has crashed my secretary bunny has informed me about another issue inside our company:

    Chief Carrot Officer Balu has been put into quarantine.

    Dear Mr. CEO (Chief Egg-Production Officer) Blacky, I have to inform that I have been put under domestic quarantine to help prevent the spread of the virus.

    The good part is: with nowadays possibilities of working remote Balu can ensure to uphold carrot distribution to our various workers abroad.

    Regarding the egg-production issue: I think it’s a good idea to offer home office to the chickens. I understand that the egg-laying-rate might not be as high as usual, since caring for the children generates a lot of stress, but that could be an option.

    I’ll update you tomorrow,

    CEO Blacky

  • Wonderful gesture by romanian IT company Fortech! I work together with them on several projects and i love how they truly care for the health of their fellow humans. I hope acts like that inspire other companies to do the same.

    Stay healthy! ❣️

  • Rabbit Lockdown Diary: Day 1 - Egg Production has crashed!

    It’s lockdown. So far nothing has changed much. I have enough hay to survive until eastern but I suffer as much from HomeOffice like everyone else.

    Normally around these days I start preparing the Easter deliveries. But with Microsoft Teams broken down I have no way to check the state of my Tier 1 egg suppliers. It’s a good thing that deliveries can still be made but after a brief call using my good old cellphone (thank god this technology is still around) I was able to get an update from my chief rooster over at the barn in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

    I’m sorry to inform you mister Blacky that all egg-production had to be stopped. We need to ensure the health of our fellow chicken and therefor informed them to stay in their henhouse.

    Wow, I guess the crisis arrived at the egg-industry as well.

    Phew! I gotta get some sleep and come up with some ideas until tomorrow or I cannot fulfill my delivery contracts.

    Stay healthy,


  • Does anyone know an iOS podcast player with shortcuts integration? I mean except Apple Podcasts. I’m searching for „Continue listening“ to whatever was last listened to. If nothing played, play the first episode in the queue.

  • The new iPad Smart Keyboard is 400€ for the 12.9” version 🤯. I’m sorry but thats insane and totally unbelievable. Why on earth would the double ⚠️ the price for the keyboard? I understand that it now has a trackpad (🤦🏻‍♂️) but that sure cannot be the reason.

  • Aw i wish i had a better desk and chair to work at home :-/ I could go to work, but that’s like,… selfish.

  • Offices in March 2020 #coronavirus

  • Remember not facepalm in the upcoming weeks to prevent the virus from entering your body.

    😂😂 as if this would actually be possible with all this stupidity surrounding us 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • »In großen Krisen helfen kleine Freuden.« Ein unscheinbarer Satz der viel Wahres in sich trägt. ❤️

  • And that’s the story how the german army sold a used laptop that contained plans about an anti-air weapon system. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Pwease! Educate yourself! … www.heise.de/newsticke…

  • Pretty insane. BTC crashed horribly because of #coronavirus …. 251E67F7-8F60-4D43-B519-69BD7F5055B3.jpg

  • A great idea for staying at home with kids: my boss explained to me that they are teaming up as five families in the neighborhood, each father takes the morning, each mother takes the afternoon and they share with the children what they are currently working on, go in hikes, and overall create a nice mood for the Kids. This way, the adults can work 36h / a week and the children get impression / education from different jobs. Plus it’s like “bring your parent to school” but the other way round: “bring your school to your parent”. It’s a nice idea and a wonderful sign of what people are capable when teaming up.

  • If most accidents happen at home and/or during household work what does this mean in a time where everyone stays at home? 🤔

  • At the office to grab my PC. The guards: “you’re the third to arrive, the entire building is empty.”. I’m proud of my colleagues. Lets grab that MacBook an GTFO.

  • “Big meetup during the age of #coronavirus.” — Dear people of #Ludwigsburg. Stop. Being. So. Selfish. People are so utterly stupid, it makes my brain explode.

  • Monday morning. I need to go work to grab my MacBook, configure VPN to work in HomeOffice, then leave again. Work on my side: 45mins. Estimated waiting time for corporate support in case anything happens: 5 hours.

  • I expect so many software side- and open-source projects to be finished in the upcoming few weeks. Who knows what amazing software might surface. Oh - and 169 JavaScript Frameworks.

  • 22 years of Kottke

    This is just an insane achievement. My deepest congratulations. 22years of resisting social media and create original and self-owned content. I bow before you.


  • Now that Wire is gone/unusable, there is no open-source Messenger that is usable by my mom but doesn’t require my phone number. What a shame. What are you switching to? Threema?!

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve got pwned this hard. I guess that’s what you get for playing chess while being sick 🤒 lichess.org/992IloIk

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