PhoneBuff posted a video on youtube in which robotic arms navigate through the same app-cycle and the same interactions over and over again on two iPhone XS Max until the battery of the phones dies.

One iPhone being configured to light mode, one iPhone in dark mode.

The iPhone XS Max configured to dark mode had 30% battery power left in comparison to the light mode display.

That was to be expected, however it’s great that the actual energy that is saved piles up to such a large amount.

Before you jump into your settings and enable dark mode there are two things to be vary of:

  • It only works on OLED displays, meaning currently iPhone X, iPhone Xs (Max), iPhone 11 Pro (Max).
  • It only saves battery if the main part of the visible area is in true black. So if you set your App to some kind of dark grey, that won’t do.

Now all we need is every website adapt the webkit darkmode support, like e.g. MacStories already does.