It’s lockdown. So far nothing has changed much. I have enough hay to survive until eastern but I suffer as much from HomeOffice like everyone else.

Normally around these days I start preparing the Easter deliveries. But with Microsoft Teams broken down I have no way to check the state of my Tier 1 egg suppliers. It’s a good thing that deliveries can still be made but after a brief call using my good old cellphone (thank god this technology is still around) I was able to get an update from my chief rooster over at the barn in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

I’m sorry to inform you mister Blacky that all egg-production had to be stopped. We need to ensure the health of our fellow chicken and therefor informed them to stay in their henhouse.

Wow, I guess the crisis arrived at the egg-industry as well.

Phew! I gotta get some sleep and come up with some ideas until tomorrow or I cannot fulfill my delivery contracts.

Stay healthy,